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Thank you for visiting! My name is Teacher Stacey BAB. I am on my third contract with VIPKID. Through my work teaching ESL I also became an independent organizer with Usborne Books At Home. I am a mom, second language learner, American Expat and reading enthusiast. I love connecting with my students and other teachers to develop a strong, deep learning community. I am so grateful you are here. If you are looking to build a classroom, want to grow your current classroom, or are wanting more for a student who is currently in your classroom, this is the place!

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Where We Are

Our family of three moved from the United States to Italy in 2018. We love exploring, planning adventures and playing outside.


What I’ve learned

I have a degree in English education from the University of Mississippi. I have 5+ years classroom teaching experience and 8+ years experience as a public library assistant. If you are interested in starting your own online classroom, or building your own home library, I would love to help.