Walt Disney World Gear

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We began our minimalism journey shortly before our first venture to Walt Disney World, so we really tried to limit the amount of gear we brought with us on our first trip in February. Well, minimalism and the fact that we flew Frontier and only took under seat luggage. For our full “What Was in Our Walt Disney World Day Bag” click HERE. To check out some of the specific travel gear that made the cut for this trip, keep reading.

Our Walt Disney World Gear

You can see my Dollar Tree Lanyard + Wristlet here.

You can see my Dollar Tree Lanyard + Wristlet here.

I love travel gear. I love regular gear. I love snack bags and camping equipment and fun games to play in airports while your plane is delayed. So trust me when I say I have some experience with the “stuff” that people take on trips- whether to the grocery store or Disney World. So on our journey to minimalism I really tried to define our needs and find great products to support us, not anchor us to our bags. Here are a few of my favorite items that I made sure we brought to Disney World.

First, because I knew we would be bringing (or ordering from Amazon Prime Now) a lot of our own food, I made sure we brought our travel cutlery, thin cutting board, and reusable sandwich bags. Disposable forks, spoons, straws and plastic bags are a major source of litter and a true hazard to our environment. I found these Stasher silicone zipper bags and they are probably my favorite thing ever.

Next, I picked up a Dollar Tree lanyard with a clip on the end, and a very small zippered wristlet. I cut off the wristlet part, attached it to the lanyard and voila! I had a great place to store our pins, my ID, a little cash, Sharpies for our signature book and an emergency granola bar.

We were incredibly fortunate to visit Disney World during Mardi Gras AND Valentine’s Day. Another Dollar Tree purchase- an 8 pack of plastic beads (found year round in the party supplies) and a pack of Valentine’s Day cards. It took several minutes to find cards that didn’t feature Disney or Universal Studio characters, but we lucked out with a pack of cute animals. We passed out beads and cards to cast members or other guests during our day at the parks.

Tired of pictures but clearly Nico was the best Mardi Gras bead sharer. 

Tired of pictures but clearly Nico was the best Mardi Gras bead sharer. 

I try to keep a small stash of Glow Sticks for our travels and evening walks. I read loads of posts about how all the glow things come out at night at Disney World, but honestly I didn’t think it was as bad a people say. Sure there were glow stands, but Nico never even mentioned them. The glowsticks I bring are mostly so I can keep track of my own kid with a light around his neck and/or persuade him to take a bath in a strange bathtub with no “toys”. **Note: Never break a glow stick in the water. We just use the glow stick to "stir"** In that same vein, I also keep a stash of those expanding, magic washcloths. In our paperless household we never don’t need washcloths and these make great gifts for our gift closet. Anyway- I took a couple of both to Disney World. I also considered picking up a pair of these magic socks- but none of the cute prints I wanted were in stock at the time.  

We packed, but never used, our external battery. Again, I read over and over how using the My Disney Experience App will drain your battery, but I just made sure to completely close the app each time I used it. **You know, double clicking the home button and swiping up.** And since we were not in any huge hurry to get anywhere ever, we mainly used the app to find bathrooms and the one evening Marco and I got away during Extra Magic Hours while my step mom kept Nico in the hotel. We do use this battery fairly often on other adventures, just not this one. 

This nightlight (we only took one) is a great addition to any hotel travel. With a 3 year old, being able to see the bathroom at night is a MUST, especially in new places. I gave two of the others away to friends when they left for big vacations and they said the same. 

Finally, we don’t go anywhere without our Ebags packing cubes. Since space was super tight this trip- two backpacks and one “under the seat duffle”, the packing cubes were clutch. We have several sizes (and brands) but since we pack less and less these days, we find that we use the mediums and smalls the most. That long skinny bag is also pretty great. We prefer Ebags because they feel more stable when I’m stuffing them full. If your packing cubes aren’t hard to zip, you’re not using them correctly, so I like a nice solid bag with a sturdy zipper.

Our WDW Day Bag

What We Packed

And that’s it! Well, that’s not completely it. Make sure to check out our What We Packed in Our Disney Day Bag post, but this is a list of the travel gear that we packed beyond our regular day to day essentials and clothes. Notice we didn’t pack any stroller gear. That’s because we didn’t take any. Yep. No Stroller. Make sure you keep checking back for that adventure story as well!