Setting Intentions

Consider this a sage burning. A new chapter in a new space. A welcoming of possibility. We welcome YOU to our potential.

WhereWeAre.Family is our family blog dedicated to becoming the change we wish to see in the world. Whether you hope to travel more, consume less, create more meaningfully, or simply learn a new skill, we invite you to join our family as we show how our family of three is doing just that.

Through personal stories, DIY tutorials, videos, workbooks and more, we want to show the journey we are on to take intentional, sustainable actions to lead a more minimalist (ish), sustainable, debt free life while traveling to some pretty cool places.

Our first plan is to sell half of our stuff and open new spaces in our home. Then we dive right into planting season. Next we are taking the entire Summer to Stay-Cation in our hometown and enjoy our way into new adventures.


This is not a quick, one stop shop. Growing food cannot be hurried. Debt can sometimes be mountainous. Sometimes travel days are small to local campgrounds we drive by everyday. So settle in, this may take a while. But this is Where We Are right now- as a family.

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