Starting With Our iPhones

Well. We did it.

We started a blog. And an Instagram account. And just now connected a YouTube channel. And you know what- we're terrified.


Terrified because we're not bloggers. We have little video experience. And neither one of us is exactly sure what our "Writer's Voice" is. But we know who we want to talk to- YOU. Families who are caught somewhere in between Fast Food and Slow Food. Minimalism and Children. Disney World and Whole Foods. 

There has to be a middle ground right? Of course. And we are setting out to find it. To see it. Develop it. Question it. And then organize it so that other families can be inspired to make more intentional decisions too.

But first we have to get started. So we're doing that too! Right here! At WhereWeAre.Family and on Instagram and on YouTube.

And we're still not bloggers or youtubers. We're just regular people, with normal resources. And if you are here, you're probably a regular person, with average resources too- looking for other regular people, who have similar resources to you. So we're going to start out by being honest and open. Not flashy, Pinterest-y, perfectly curated (though who doesn't love a good filter on Instagram, amiright?), just ourselves. Typing on our regular laptop and making videos on our phones. Our lighting will be off and we'll probably bounce around like crazy with our Dollar Tree selfie stick. But we'll get better, and hopefully, along the way, you will too.

Thank you for starting down this journey with us. We're excited, and nervous and in a little over our heads. But we're happy to be here anyway.