Dollar Tree Travel Must Haves

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This year has been busy for our family. We have been to Disney World, Fort Walton Beach FL, New Orleans, Shreveport LA, Lake Bruin LA,  Birmingham AL, and Memphis TN, with plans to see L.A. this fall and maybe Paris for New Year’s. *That would be lovely right?*
Great LED bike light for stroller or Ergo safety at night. 

Great LED bike light for stroller or Ergo safety at night. 

First, our favorite travel piece is Dollar Tree night lights. We talked about the wall kind in our Disney Gear post, but we also love these bicycle lights. We can strap one of these to the Ergo for nighttime safety while out walking and exploring but they work just as easily on a stroller if you use one (we don’t- see that post HERE). **Similar Items: flashlights, book lights or those touch button lights, especially for long car rides or camping.

In warmer times, right next to the night lights you’ll find our second must have- the personal fan. We do have a clip on fan for our car seat, but these work wonders in stuffy airports when you’re stuck in customs, or at your local zoo. **Similar Items: rain ponchos and cornstarch baby powder for in case it rains or in case of sand or chaffing.

Speaking of airports, I always make sure I can find our single roll of shelf liner before we settle in on an airplane. This helps our son not slide in his seat, but also keeps his toys on the tray table. Plus it helps define HIS space and OUR space if we are stuck somewhere with a delay, helping us corral his toys onto his mat and not all over the airport.

Shelf liner keeps toys from rolling away on an airplane or lap desk in the car.

Shelf liner keeps toys from rolling away on an airplane or lap desk in the car.

For toys that CAN go all over the airport, I picked up a pack of Easter eggs probably two years ago and they are going STRONG. In an airport gate, we’ll take turns hiding them (especially helpful if there are LOTS of kids and everyone needs to get their runs out), or I’ll separate their tops and bottoms and put them in a small drawstring bag. Then we can match their tops or see how many funny combinations we can make. An older kid may be able to play a game similar to Go Fish like this. I also found a few pins on Pinterest to make Easter Egg learning games when our boy is older.  **Similar Items: inflatable beach ball (keep deflated till needed) and so many sticker books

Our travel laundry hamper also came from Dollar Tree, as well as our zipper laundry bags (for washing or keeping small items together), a set of 10 string LED lights (again for night walks but we do use them on our jogging stroller at home as well), magic washcloths, and bungee cords for hanging wet clothes.

DT door hook.JPG

Finally, our latest additions to our bag of Dollar Tree Travel Gear are one over the door hook- we seem to never have enough places to hang things!- and one flat silicone (maybe?) drain plug. We have been to two AirBnB’s that have had great bathtubs (yay for kids!) but no drain stoppers. So we should be more prepared next time.

We keep all of this gear (that we currently use, some things we’ve outgrown or given away to friends who needed them) we keep inside a clear plastic bag that came with a set of curtains we bought a few years ago. Depending on our travel plans and where we are headed, we’ll dig through and pull out what we need, leaving the rest for later.

Below I included a few other items I found at Dollar Tree recently that may come in handy. Those clothes pins could make simple dolls or help hang wet swimsuits across a bungee cord. And chalk makes a great travel toy to Grandma’s house (if Grandma has a driveway).