Packing Up, Moving Out

Marco and Nico Abruzzo

Where We Are Going

Our journey to move to Italy

Did you catch our big announcement on Instagram?

We are moving!

To Italy!

Specifically we are moving back to Marco’s hometown.

From the side of the Gran Sasso mountain looking over Marco's village.

From the side of the Gran Sasso mountain looking over Marco's village.

A little back story. Marco is Italian, therefore Nico is Italian. Marco’s mom and brother still live in the same house that Marco grew up in, minutes away from his (and my!) favorite uncle and aunt and two cousins. They are 15 minutes from the beach along the Adriatic sea and maybe 25 minutes from the Gran Sasso mountains with skiing, hiking and beautiful views. See pictures.

Nico watering Nona's plants in her garden in Abruzzo.

Nico watering Nona's plants in her garden in Abruzzo.

Over the last three weeks, what started out as a feeling that felt right, suddenly began to feel like a master plan. We immediately found people we love and trust who are willing to rent our house. Marco heard from another (Italian) cousin who wants to open a restaurant and would love some American food help. I got in touch with a handful of organizations who could use some remote work and our plans for a huge yard sale all quickly fell into place.

So we bought tickets, started emptying closets, and now we are preparing for a new journey.

And the best part? Suddenly our “intentional, millennial, travelling family blog” feels super legit.

We know, we know. We haven’t really been GREAT about uploading those videos we promised, and our updates have been slim the last 3 weeks. We’ve been working on that!

Very quickly we realized we need a different computer to edit and post the vacation recaps, tours and hows to’s that we want to share with other families. The two yoga laptops we run now try to crash with basic uploading. And now we don’t want to pack a desktop in our checked luggage, so we are waiting until we get to Nona’s to upgrade our computer situation. The good news is that we will be doing a lot more LIVE’ing on Instagram as well as stories, posts, and Q&As. Plus our new, actual camera should be in any day now so we can still film for later posting.

The big move is only about 70 days away (some vagueness intentionally included for safety and privacy) so there are only a few days to wait until we are up and cooking with gas in our new home with our new gear.

So make sure you stay tuned to see Where We Are Now in the upcoming months and years!