Two Months To Go

Inspired by Rebekah and Justin Rhodes over on we are going to “just start planting”. In an attempt to get caught up on all we want to share, we are going to throw some stuff in the dirt and see what comes up. Enjoy these non-polished, less than perfect posts EVERY DAY this week. To check out the time Justin and Rebekah came to visit us on their Great American Farm Tour (and I totally Fangirled HARD), click HERE.

Our Two Months Left Before We Leave Checklist:

I thought an easy way to keep track of what exactly is involved in planning an international move with a millennial family is to create a basic checklist that I can refer back to. As time goes on, I will update and alter as needed.

We are now roughly 60 days out from our one way tickets to Italy and here is where we stand. If you missed our How We Got Here post for a more detailed idea of where we have been, make sure to click HERE.

Thankfully I have a helper who also likes to touch all the things we have to make decisions about.

Thankfully I have a helper who also likes to touch all the things we have to make decisions about.

For now:

  1. Touch all of our belongings and sort into 3 piles- take, store, and sell/give away. - DONE (well, the first time. There is more to come.)

  2. Host a HUGE yard sale to remove the bulk of the excess stuff so we can focus on the hard stuff. - DONE

  3. Touch everything AGAIN because it is still too much stuff.

  4. Find a renter for our home. - DONE

  5. Research and plan for every animal who we belong to. This includes 2 cats, 2 dogs, 6 chickens and 1 rooster. - In progress.

  6. Determine what luggage we will take and what we will categorize it as - check, personal, or carry on. This includes cats who are “carry on” and tennis gear which is a vague grey area.

  7. Determine if we are taking our carseat, or purchasing another one when we get there. Write very long post about international carseats and how Italy does not use chest clips. - Coming Soon.

  8. Deep prune fruit trees - because they’ll need it over two years.

  9. Complete repainting inside of the house - a project we started a year ago and now are forced to finish.

  10. Complete pathway installation in the back yard to protect the foundation from water runoff.

  11. Create a vague homeschool plan for next year so I can plan what books we will actually need to take with us. Books are heavy in carry on luggage.

  12. Switch our car title over for the friend who will be using our car while we are away.

  13. Sell major furniture like our sofa, large rugs, and big ticket items.

  14. Have a professional come look at all the things to make sure nothing crazy is going to break, leak or cave in while we are gone.

  15. Host a ton of parties and evenings out with friends before we leave.

  16. Enjoy our time in our home and hometown.

  17. Pressure wash the porch, deck, stairs, and siding because it needed it two years ago and will definitely require it over the next two years.

  18. Continue to be cautious of spending so we have money for fun things while we travel. Also, remember we don’t need to buy stuff, because we are actively trying to downsize our stuff.

  19. Go to the bank to include an authorized signer on our account to handle emergency situations that may arise while we are away. Make sure they know we are living internationally and will need to use our credit/debit cards as well as receive rent.

  20. Contact the Embassy regularly to determine visa/residency needs. - DONE again, an upcoming blog post about our specific situation and how AWESOME the embassy was as returning phone calls and emails (really. No sarcasm.)

Me in front of the Vatican on an earlier trip. It was during this exact afternoon that I knew we'd be back!

Me in front of the Vatican on an earlier trip. It was during this exact afternoon that I knew we'd be back!

And that’s all!

Just 20 simple steps to get our family packed up and moved out in 60 days.

Of course these do not include the regular day to day excitements of grocery shopping, home schooling, work tripping, or actually packing our bags. For more minute by minute updates make sure you are following us on Instagram at WhereWeAre.Family. We InstagramLive every Friday night (8pm Central time) and (try to) post twice a day. Sometimes in stories, sometimes in our feed. No one is perfect and we’re figuring out our style and voice.

Thanks for following along. Three cheers for To Do Lists becoming To DONE.