Self Care like Confetti

Inspired by Rebekah and Justin Rhodes over on we are going to “just start planting”. In an attempt to get caught up on all we want to share, we are going to throw some stuff in the dirt and see what comes up. Enjoy these non-polished, less than perfect posts EVERY DAY this week.

Self Care Confetti

Well it looks like Summer has officially arrived. Even though we home school every day (as much as anyone with a nearly 4 year old can), we still feel that cultural pull to relax and unwind in the summer. Match that with a busy schedule of road trips, day trips and long evenings enjoying our community and all of that relaxing suddenly feels like work. AmIright?

Chasing fireflies, picking up another box of popsicles, organizing play days, packing snack bags, finalizing details for backyard parties, birthday gatherings and more can make us long for vacations away from our vacations. 

You are important Every Day.

You are important Every Day.

But here is the kicker. Even when we are running around, making every summery day special for our kids, it is equally as important to remember that these days are gifts to US as well.

Reminder: You Are Important Every Day, Not Just On Holiday.

What do I mean? 

Self care should not be limited to date nights, stolen minutes hidden in the bathroom, or the random, occasional bath bomb. 

Self care is about daily, intentional decisions to make sure that YOUR needs are being met with just as much care as if they were someone else's. In the same way you tend to every cry, scraped knee or request for water in others, your needs deserve attention, priority, and boundaries too.

So let's get started shall we? I organized an entire downloads about self care and the many ways we can add self consideration to our daily routines. First HERE are 45 ways you can take 5 minutes to think about YOU right now. No prep, no cost, no major time commitment. 

You can check out the graphic HERE. There are 45 separate ways to start taking care of yourself right this minute. I first designed it thinking people could cross out the items that don't mean anything to them, or circle the items they want to focus on first. But the more I stared at the page, the more the colored blocks began to look like confetti. So if you are feeling stuck, or unmotivated go ahead- print it out, cut it up and toss it in the air. See what falls in your lap and start there.

The point is- This is it. We're Here. Let's find ways to take care of ourselves even when we feel busy or bug bitten or overscheduled. And let's support each other no matter where we are, at the pool, at soccer practice or hiding in the closet for 3 minutes of quiet.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours- follow our family's self care moments on Instagram #selfcareconfetti

Still need help getting started? Maybe make a goal to find the 5 that you commit to doing every day this week (make your bed anyone?). Then add a few more. Maybe find something that sticks out to you, and begin connecting that activity to something you are already doing. I have been beginning each morning run by thinking of 10 impossible things and it sure beats thinking about how much I don't like running.

However you want to get started, I hope it helps. We all deserve a summer vacation every day of the year.