Road Trip Meal Plan


Inspired by Rebekah and Justin Rhodes over on we are going to “just start planting”. In an attempt to get caught up on all we want to share, we are going to throw some stuff in the dirt and see what comes up. Enjoy these non-polished, less than perfect posts EVERY DAY this week.

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Road Trip Meal Plan Ideas

If you caught our last Insta Live post last Friday you watched me gab about our 3 Basic Steps for great family road trips. The 3rd step I went on and on about was Meal Planning.

We love to eat out as much as the next family, but the cost of travel plus the cost of dinners out can add up. We try to cut costs where we can- like most families- so I am excited to share our DOWNLOADABLE Road Trip Meal Plan.

That's right- even when we are not at home, we still plan out every meal to save cash and calories. Even if our plan is "eat out" that counts as part of the plan. 

In case you missed our Insta Live (every Friday at 8 pm Central time), here is a quick recap of what I went on and on (an on) about. Want to get straight to the goods? HERE is an awesome downloadable I created to share for anyone feeling overwhelmed.

Great kitchenette area at the Remington Suites in Shreveport, LA.

Great kitchenette area at the Remington Suites in Shreveport, LA.

Just like at home, meal planning starts with a look at your calendar. Think about the stuff your family will be doing. Where will you be eating? Planning on going to a park or zoo? Heading to a wedding or special event? Can you take food where you are going? Where will you store it? How will you store it? Do you have special tools you may need?

I created a handy PRINTABLE with a few different options including food that needs to be warmed (and put in a thermos, or eaten first thing, maybe on the way to the airport), eaten cold (so kept in a mini fridge at the hotel), shelf stable (toss it in a Stasher Bag and eat when ready), easily picked up from the grocery store (instead of stopping at a restaurant or fast food), and something to make you feel fancy (if you're trying to impress yourself). Look at what you need first, and plan what types of meals you and your family will need.

Think about what you have in your fridge. The goal of meal planning at home or away is to eat your stuff. What do you need to eat so that it doesn't go to waste?

Next think about what you already make. What menu items do your kids already enjoy? What could you make with your eyes closed?Travel day can be a little crazy, don't stress out over a brand new recipe that people may or may not eat. Go for the classics, with your special ingredients. I find that traveling with our favorite comfort foods helps us create a more tailor made travel feel even when we're killing time at the airport. Mac and Cheese is a hands down winner every time no matter where we are.

I did not include recipes in my PRINTABLE MEAL PLAN because I don't know your life. I wanted to build a base that allowed for true customization. For example: the first breaskfast is Freezer Breakfast Burritos. I make these in batches of 20 or so and freeze them in bags of 5. Mine often include eggs, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, vegan cheese and rice or potatoes. Maybe you want to add bacon, sausage, or real cheese. Again, this is about starting with an idea, and finding a fit for your family.

Washing Dishes in the hotel kitchenette sink. Full disclaimer: I ended up having to wash these dishes again in the bathroom sink. This sink was not dish washing friendly.

Washing Dishes in the hotel kitchenette sink. Full disclaimer: I ended up having to wash these dishes again in the bathroom sink. This sink was not dish washing friendly.

Finally, when road trip meal planning, make sure you are going to have the right tools. We usually travel with a small knife and cutting board, it's just routine. But maybe you will need to think about this. What about bowls? We just picked up a few collapsible silicone bowls from Target for $1 a piece and it has been a game changer. They are NOT microwave save, but they still hold plenty.

If your stuff needs to be refrigerated, make sure your hotel has a fridge or you have a great cooler with plenty of ice. Do you need to pack utensils? We love these REUSABLE SPORKS from Amazon. 

However you eat, whatever you eat. I hope our first PRINTABLE MEAL PLAN will help feed you while you are there. I loved putting this one together, so be on the look out for more. Let me know in the comments below how you customized the list for your family. What's in your burritos? What is your go to lunch for days when you are trying to rush to the airport? And be sure to share links to your favorite recipes. I can always use new ideas for feeding my family on the road!

Buon Appetito!
- Stacey