Suite Life: Remington Suite Hotel and Spa

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The Suite Life: Remington Suite Hotel

I have written this post about 4 times. Trying to find the best way to right a review that I would personally find helpful. I love a hotel review, are they are generally helpful, but often don't answer the burning questions I have as a parent, home schooler, and low waste family. So I have created a format I would enjoy and find useful. I hope you find it useful as well.

Our amazing suite at the Remington Suite Hotel and Spa. 

Our amazing suite at the Remington Suite Hotel and Spa. 

Many of you have asked specifically for this review from our most popular Instagram pic! So here it is! All the details about our Suite Stay at the Remington Suite Hotel and Spa in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana.

I mentioned in our Best Park Ever post that we went to the amazing Right to Play park called Leaps and Bounds while visiting Shreveport. The park was incredible. You can read more about it HERE. But what really made the mornings function was returning to our incredible hotel room for afternoon nap.

First, let me say, this was a real treat for us. Marco was so incredibly fortunate to be working with Wine Country Bistro and the Jason Brady group. They really deserve all the credit for getting us there, setting us up, and introducing us to such a gem in downtown Shreveport.

This Remington Suite Hotel and Spa was amazing. Here is our family friendly breakdown:

Category 1: Walkability


The Remington is centrally located in Downtown Shreveport. There are miles of wide, open sidewalks, cross walk buttons on every corner and lots of places you would want to walk to. We say it every post, but we are not stroller people ( read here about how we are Ergo for life), but this downtown was completely stroller friendly. Nico and I comfortably walked to the Aquarium (also fantastic), the library, and Rhino Coffee. One evening the entire family sashayed down to Parish Taceaux for a great family friendly meal.

But there is loads more! You can walk to the river, tons of restaurants or bars, a physic reader, a few museums and even the tourism building (a high recommendation if you are down that way!)

Walkability was great at the Remington

Category 2: Pool and Spa

So many awesome details about the pool and spa I want to share. It was completely family forward, without even trying!

The Hot Tub with no jets or bubbles. 3 feet deep with sitting shelf.

The Hot Tub with no jets or bubbles. 3 feet deep with sitting shelf.

There was a HUGE, indoor saltwater pool and spa. First off- the salt water was a huge load off my mind because I knew my kid would want to be in that pool 3 times a day (I was right). It was such a relief to worry so much less about the chemicals in the water and trapped in the air. This goes hand in hand with it being indoor. No worries about being rained out, full of bugs or leaves and both the pool and hot tub were super, duper clean. 

The next super family friendly detail was that the hot tub was on a timer. This was weird at first, but actually worked out as an incredible asset. You see you have to push a button to turn on the spa jets (hot water) and another button to activate the bubbles. They last for about 10 minutes before you have to get out and push the buttons again.  So unless someone had been in the spa right before you, the water was room temperature when you got in. A little anticlimactic perhaps, if you were expecting to just jump right into a Hot tub, but for a family with a kid, this was perfect- and much, much safer.

It took 3 solid cycles of spa and bubbles for the hot tub to start to feel like an actual spa, but that again was really great for us. Turns out, 30 minutes is about our son's time limit too. So he got to play, the water wasn't too hot and worrisome, and after the third cycle it was a clear sign for us to head back upstairs.  Complete genius for a family friendly hotel.

6 thumbs way, way up for the pool at the Remington!

Category 3: Room and Space

Grand Suite 1st Floor Entry: space for a stroller, suitcases, day bags and dance parties.

Grand Suite 1st Floor Entry: space for a stroller, suitcases, day bags and dance parties.

All of the rooms at the Remington Suite are actually suites, but we stayed in the Grand Remington, Room #1. It had a chandelier, a spiral staircase, a kitchenette (have you seen my Road Trip meal plan? Click HERE.), and tons of room to spread out. 

Our family of three slept great in the huge Baymax bed (that's what Nico called it), but downstairs there was also a full sized couch bed. The couch was L shaped so if you wanted to sleep two small people just on the couch they would have totally fit that way too.

Remington Suite closet and bathroom areas.

Remington Suite closet and bathroom areas.

If we traveled with a travel cot or pack and play (something we are considering in Europe) there was tons of room in the closet upstairs (next to the bed) or downstairs in the living space. There was room to park a stroller downstairs by the 1st floor door, and the separate kitchen area meant I had plenty of room to make meals without blocking the walk way. 

The room itself featured a HUGE Jacuzzi tub, plush robes, and lots of seating. A quick seating note: there was no real space for Nico to eat meals. We made due by using the metal ottoman/coffee table (see it holding our day bags in the picture above) as a table with our beach towel thrown over it. Marco and I just sat on the couch. Meal time leads me to:

Category 4: Kitchenette and Food 


This was definitely the best kitchenette set up we have seen since Disney World. (More about our FAVORITE Disney World hotel and room in our faves/fails post HERE) We had a Keurig, microwave, mini fridge/freezer, sink AND counter space. I loved that this space was sectioned off away from the room. It made making coffee or breakfast so much easier than standing between the bed and the dresser while everyone is trying to get ready. **The dresser with TV on top, mini fridge below, positioned at the foot of the bed set up has been the lay out at the last two hotels we have visited. The Remington lay out was SO MUCH NICER.**

A minor downfall for our low waste family were definitely the Keurig. I know I could have bought a reusable cup, but for only 3 days it didn't seem worth it, especially since we are busy trying to sell all of our kitchen gadgets for our move. They did provide reusable drinking cups though- a first in our hotel experiences- so that was nice. Another issue was that the sink, while functional it was really not useful. The fancy spout made it hard to wash dishes, or even hands, but I did manage to rinse and drain our fruit in it. Then I just washed dishes upstairs in the huge bathroom sink. 

Category 5: Additionally

Overall, this was an incredible experience. I would never have picked this hotel or room for ourselves because I never think luxury = family friendly. But this entire experience was perfect.

We swam 3 times a day (hello free entertainment with little prep or clean up!). There was a super cute bar on the way to the pool in the beautiful lobby. There was a valet so we didn't have to worry about parking or paying a meter. The staff was adorable. Every person spoke to Nico by name every time they saw him (6+ times a day, on the way to and from the pool and when leaving to go adventuring). The location was great for walking but also for driving. It was a super easy 5 minutes to that awesome park we found, plus a Super Target, Chic Fil A and the ever popular Wine Country Bistro

If you have super littles, I would caution about the beautiful spiral staircase, but for Nico it was no problem. For Marco and I, we got our steps and floors in every day of our visit.

The room was beautiful. The staff were incredible and the stay was amazing. Now I'm just gushing, but y'all, it really was that great. 

If you are looking for a fun, low key but very luxurious get away, look into Shreveport and the Remington Suite Hotel and Spa! If all you pay for is the room- between the pool, the free park with the super cute splash pad, and browsing around Super Target this would be a great get away for families. Just make sure you tell them we sent you!