Our family journey, one day at a time.

being the change we want to see.



Growing a Millenial Family

After years of feeling stuck in an endless cycle of going to work to pay for a house we had to leave by going to work, we have finally taken the plunge into the life we always wanted.

Now cautiously unemployed, we have time to dedicate to intentionally making choices for our family. We are first focusing on minimizing our needs, cleaning our food and building a platform to share our journey.


Sustaining a Millennial Family

All of that growing can put a lot of stress on a family, so we are also readjusting our spending, looking for alternative resources and developing a long term plan for our new lifestyle.

We look forward to more stay-cations, house swapping, real food meals, and well planned adventures along our journey. Please join us as we become the change we wish to see.