Classroom Support


1,000 Tracker

Whether you are trying to earn your first raise, or simply looking for a way to track your progress, I have created a 1,000 Tracker. Simply fill in the boxes with the dates of your completed classes or use the space at the end to build a key for more in depth tracking.

>>> Grab your own 1,000 Tracker HERE <<<

My Favorite Reward System

I love long standing reward systems. This is one of my absolute favorites that I have used over and over with all levels. A crowd pleaser that parents comment on in Feedback. Check out how I use the Usborne book Step by Step Drawing in my first every Youtube video.



100 No’s Challenge

Whether you have to say no, or hear no, it can often be a challenge to hear. But you know what? We live through it. We grow through it. I find that tracking those No’s helps me see my progress and develop a better compass of what is important or where I need to go. If you want to track your wins by the 1,000’s here is a place to track your first 100 No’s.

>>> Grab your 100 No’s Challenge HERE <<<


More Coming Soon

Classroom Tours, prop tours, ,shop with me, plan with me, build with me! I am so grateful you are here. :)