Welcome! We’d love to introduce ourselves.



Stacey is American born from the Deep South. She loves planning our adventures and creating opportunities to play. Stacey is a teacher for VIPKID which helps us fund our adventures even while on the road.

Some of Stacey’s favorite things include: hosting Crafternoons, teaching for VIPKID, creating lists and overthinking.


Marco was born in Italy but moved to the US for work. In 2009 he met Stacey and decided to stay awhile. After 9 years and two different jobs, he has led his family back to Italy for another round of adventure.

Marco’s favorite things include: tennis, preparing delicious food, gardening, and helping other people grow their passions.


The inspiration for it all. Nico turned 4 just after his family moved to Italy. He loves playing outdoors, being ridiculously independent and inspiring new adventures. Nico is too young for official school but is educated through a mix of home/un/world schooling.

What could possibly go wrong?
— Stacey or Marco immediately before regretting it

What We talk About

  • Life in Expat Italy

  • Adventures in Home/Un/World schooling our 4 year old

  • Tips and Tricks for adventuring

  • Inspiration to go outside

  • VIPKID teacher life

  • Invitations to Play

  • DIYs and Homemade Toys